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In line with the Governments guidance Beach 48 is continuing to offer a delivery service to ALL OUR CUSTOMERS in the Dymchurch St Mary’s Bay & Burmarsh areas Martello Lakes Monday & Thursdays in supporting you TO STAY AT HOME.

Beach 48 Takeaway Delivery Service 3pm to 7pm (No delivery charge) MONDAY to SATURDAY
Beach 48 are offering a Take Away service from today to all our customers we will prioritise the elderly those that are self isolating due to government advice and NHS workers. We will be delivering in Dymchurch, St Mary’s Bay & Burmarsh between 3pm and 7pm MONDAY to SATURDAY

To place an order please call us on 01303 874848 and leave your name and number on the recorded message. We will then call you back to take your order and confirm delivery. To help assist us in this new process please do not use our Facebook page to place orders.

Items available for takeaway delivery are listed below.


+ Chips
Cod 4.20 6.00
Large Cod 5.30 7.10
Haddock 5.30 7.10
Huss / Rock 5.10 6.90
Plaice 5.10 6.90
Scampi 5.10 6.90
Fishcake 1.50 3.30
Cods Roe 1.50 3.30

Meat / Veggie

+ Chips
Jumbo Sausage 2.00 3.80
Saveloy 1.80 3.60
Chicken Nuggets 3.40 5.20
Chicken Burger 4.00 5.80
Veggie Burger 3.50 5.30
Pukka Pie 3.00 4.80
Add 10p for battered sausages


Fish bites + chips 4.20
Fish cake + chips 2.70
Chicken Nuggets + chips 2.90
Jumbo Sausage + chips 3.20


Coke 1.20
Fruit Shoot 1.00
Coffee 2.25
Tea 1.50


Chips 1.80
Large Chips 3.00
Mushy Peas 1.20
Beans 1.20
Pickled Onion .50p
Pickled Egg .60p
Pickled Gherkin .50p
Gravy 1.20
Curry Sauce 1.20
Vinegar 1.30
Sauce Bottle 1.50
Sauce Sachet .25p
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